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We look forward to your online application to:
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Acknowledgment of receipt
You will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt from us. After carefully examining your documents, we will contact you by email within 5 - 10 days.

Step 3

If everything fits, we will invite you to an interview with the management.

Step 4

You will receive feedback from us within 5-10 days.

Step 5

employment contract
After your successful interview, we will send you an offer in the form of a permanent employment contract within a week at the latest. If you still have points that need to be clarified, we are happy to clarify them by telephone or e-mail. After clarification, we look forward to your acceptance and will send you your employment contract for signature by post.

Step 6

At the latest two weeks before your SCOOP start the onboarding begins. We will clarify the details with you, such as when and where you start on the first day, or which computer you will get. On the day of onboarding you will start in your new project after the administrative process. A mentor is your first point of reference, who will support you in word and deed during your first time with us.

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Hamburg Office

At the beginning of 2019 we moved from our long-standing office in the Alsterarkaden to a new address located at Holzdamm 57.
Our office area subsequently doubled in size, and is now close to many methods of public transportation. Both improvements served as chief reasons for our location change.

SCOOP Software GmbH

Holzdamm 57
20099 Hamburg

[email protected]
T +49 40 6094078-0