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We are first and foremost a development and consulting company focusing on object-oriented software engineering and database technologies. We have proven to successfully support our clients with the planning and implementation of complex software development projects. Currently we operate throughout Europe with branches in Cologne, Bonn, Hamburg, Wiesbaden and Prague.

  • Individual development of customized systems
  • Agile development
  • High Performance Applications
  • Micro Service Architectures
  • Big-Data Applications
  • DevOps Support
  • Monitoring and support through all project phases

Agile Software Development

Our highly experienced teams devise, develop and deliver tailor-made and turnkey software solutions for Java, SPA web frontends, relational databases, NoSQL databases and Big-Data for our customers. At the same time, we offer you the advantages of agile methodology, namely: quick reactions to changes, short development cycles, continuous development – along with close feedback systems allowing the clients to be earlier involved and in control.

High Performance Systems

For our telecommunications clients, we have implemented systems that perform more than 12,000 database operations per second. For this we use our high-performance and easily configurable workflow engine COPPER, which describes the business logic abstractly.
The secret of COPPERs efficiency is its asynchronous way of functioning, which consumes less resources while saving time.

Consulting & Coaching

SCOOP Software offers consulting and provides the customer with experienced and highly qualified specialists who provide significant added value in a short time.


SCOOP Software analyzes and optimizes the performance of your Java implemented Software at bottlenecks. We find the weak spots that cause your system to run slower.


SCOOP Software was founded in 2000 with the intention of offering development solutions and consultation with a special focus on Object Oriented development and Database technologies. Since then, SCOOP has established itself as a software and consulting firm while paying close attention to modern technological advances and methodologies. Our high-performance systems are found in many medium and large enterprises in industries such as online commerce, telecommunications, financial services, logistics and public administration. Regardless of project size or complexity, from smaller projects with tight schedules to larger projects with multiple partners and higher demands, we ensure that our devotion to each project is equal. Using this strategy, we have successfully positioned ourselves in the market in recent years.


Looking for a permanent position?

Working with a highly qualified team?

In projects that are both demanding and technically challenging?

Would you like to join a company that has been operating successfully not only in the German market, but throughout Europe for over 18 years?

And most importantly, do you want your work environment to be fun?

If you’ve answered yes, please take a look in the following section to find our current tenders for positions at any of our locations.

JOB Facts

  • Permanent Position
  • Paid Overtime
  • Profit sharing
  • 30 Vacation Days
  • Potential travel limited to nearby, regional areas
  • Most modern workplace equipment
  • Opportunities for further learning and training


  • Software development with state of the art technologies
  • Offices in Cologne, Bonn, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, and Prague
  • More than 90 staff members
  • Sales of 13 million €

Recent job offers



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Our references speak for themselves.

Customized and turnkey solutions that will grow with you.


    For Deutsche Telekom (Mobile Communications) we have created a software for risk assessment for new and existing contracts. Data is collected from external and telecom credit bureaus and sent to a rule engine, which calculates the likelihood of defaults. This has significantly reduced the number and impact of fraud cases.


    At CHAMP Cargosystems, we have delivered a system that manages airway bills for more than 50% of global air freight traffic and distributes status messages from service providers to registered freight customers. The messages are automatically converted from their input formats to the target formats requested by the customer. Every item can be tracked in real time, even in the air.


    For BMW AG, we have developed a fleet management system that supports the lifecycle of a car-sharing vehicle, and that represents the state of vehicle fleets in real time on the basis of the BMW Teleservices. This makes it possible to plan and equip car-sharing fleets. As a result, maintenance appointments become manageable and leased-kilometer overruns are predictable.


    For customers of Deutsche Telekom (Mobile Communications) we have built a micropayment platform that authorizes payments in real time via mobile devices. Whether an in-app purchase or with a mobile ticket, for music or a parking fee, we check to make sure the transaction is cleared or if a limit has been exceeded.


    For Deutsche Telekom (Fixed Network/Landline) we are developing a generic order management system that breaks down customer orders such as switching a connection into its process steps. This automatically forwards the system to the service providers and monitors the execution. Since the orders have to be processed in a highly parallel manner, and can take from seconds to months, we use our COPPER workflow engine.


    The Berlin GVL (Society for the Exploitation of Ancillary Copyright) is responsible for the distribution of around 270 million euros to more than 150 thousand artists. For this purpose, we have built a Big-Data system that implements the distribution of the proceeds to the artists in a highly configurable and comprehensible way.


    For POLZUG Intermodal GmbH we have developed a software for optimizing the loading and unloading operations of freight containers. The system installed in Poznan controls the unloading of container trains at the terminal so that the containers are stacked in the order in which they are later transferred to their trucks. The use of the forklifts could thus be minimized and the throughput of the transfer point increased.


    Since 2007, the company DormaKaba has been developing the access control, time recording and time management system Matrix as a software product for the control and administration of the hardware produced in the Dorma Group (door fittings). SCOOP employees have been involved in the development work since the very beginning.


    For Hessen Mobile we have developed a slot management system for various construction sites. Using this system state offices can schedule slots or time periods for construction sites to be in operation in order to reduce the negative effects these sites have on highway traffic. Additionally we have been able to digitalize a number of previously analog planning processes. This slot managment system won us the 2011 DBB Innovations Special Prize.

Our Focuses

SCOOP Software devises, develops and delivers tailor-made and turnkey software solutions in the areas of Java, JavaScript, Big-Data and micro service architectures. SCOOP offers consulting solutions and provides the customer with experienced and highly qualified specialists, who are then able to provide significant added value in real time. We analyze and optimize the performance of your Java implemented software on bottlenecks and find the weak points that cause system slowdowns. SCOOP implements high performance applications using our COPPER workflow engine, which has the capacity to handle over 1,000 business transactions per second. We also offer coaching and training for your employees. This transfer of knowledge guarantees that the solution provided can be maintained and further developed by you in the future.

Short History

From our headquarters in Cologne and our new branch in Bonn, we oversee numerous projects in the Greater Cologne/Bonn and Düsseldorf regions. Our Wiesbaden and Hamburg offices offer customer support and preside over projects in the Rhine-Main area as well as in Greater Hamburg. In 2016, we opened our newest location in Prague to secure further development capacity.

All projects are developed and implemented exclusively on site by customers or in our own offices.

Our recipe for success?

The best developers make the best software.

Our headquarters in Cologne

Our headquarters is located in a newly renovated estate close to the Cologne Bonn airport. Spread over 1,400 square meters is our modern open atmosphere office, complete with meeting and seminar rooms, lovely kitchens, space to work out, as well as to relax with ping pong and foosball tables. We are located just two minutes from the A3 and A59, five minutes from the nearest airport (Cologne/Bonn). Public transportation options are also available with both bus and subway stations only a few steps away.

SCOOP Software GmbH
Gut Maarhausen
Eiler Straße 3P
D – 51107 Köln
T +49 221 801916-0

Wiesbaden Office

Located in the Hessian state capital Wiesbaden is our office for the Rhine-Main area, operating since 2002. Built during the time of German Unification, the building sits on 260 sqm close to the city center and features only the best working conditions.

SCOOP Software GmbH
An der Alten Synagoge 2
D – 65183 Wiesbaden
T +49 611 17454-0

Hamburg Office

At the beginning of 2019 we moved from our long-standing office in the Alsterarkaden to a new address located at Holzdamm 57. Our office area subsequently doubled in size, and is now close to many methods of public transportation. Both improvements served as chief reasons for our location change

SCOOP Software GmbH
Holzdamm 57
20099 Hamburg
T +49 40 6094078-0

Bonn Office

In 2019 we moved to a new location in Bonn, mainly due to its close proximity to both public transport and one of our most important customers. Boasting 280 square meters of space the Bonn office dimensioned with all the proper amenities for the working world.

SCOOP Software GmbH
Königswinterer Str. 242-252
D – 53227 Bonn
T +49 228 387545-0

Prague Office

Since the end of 2016, we have a wholly owned subsidiary in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. Positioned right in the center of the beautiful Old Town of the city, our office is housed in a historic building that dates back to the 17th century.

SCOOP Software s.r.o.
Karlova 455/48
110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město
Czech Republic
T +49 221 801916-0