Fifth location decided

It’s been two months since we decided to open our fifth location in Bonn – after Cologne, Hamburg, Wiesbaden and Prague. On the one hand, we want to move closer to a larger customer, and on the other hand, we want to take into account the fact that a number of our colleagues now live in the Bonn area and would like to have shorter distances to travel.

It has taken us until now to separate the chaff from the ideal office – now we have found what we are looking for and have decided to move into the Königswinterer Straße 250 office complex in the course of February 2019. The rooms are on the first floor, wonderfully flooded with light and cut in such a way that we can set up offices for three to four people.

We look forward to moving in next year!


Christel Bernschneider

[email protected]
+49 611 17454 140